Why CCC Holdings?

Hard Money Loans for Charlotte Area Real Estate Investors  

Speed - A loan can be completed in 10 days or less

Service - When a rehab milestone is completed and a draw payment is due, a check is typically sent within 24 hours of the request.

Experience - We have completed many rehabs and understand the business.  We are always happy to discuss your project and offer advice.  We are familiar with the Charlotte  / Metrolina area and we are teamed with local professionals who are leaders in their professions.  Our southern base is in Mooresville, just north of Charlotte.       

Why Hard Money?

Hard money loans are commercial loans made to real estate investors to purchase and rehab or repair investment properties. Often called rehab loans, these loans are short term and are based on the value of real estate that has been collateralized for the loan. Hard money lenders have higher interest rates than banks because they fund deals that do not conform to bank standards.

For a real estate investor, assuming the property is bought at the right price, a hard money loan can cover the entire purchase and rehab costs.  


"I have used CCC Holdings for the purchase and renovation of several single family and multi-unit properties and have been continually impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and speed of their loan process. I plan to use CCC Holdings again and would recommend them to any serious real estate investor."
    Jeffrey M. Arndt,

"Rick,I wanted to extend my thanks to you for everthing with our Lelia Street property. It has been a pleasure working with you. We couldn't have done this project without your assistance. Lelia is now our best performing rental property and we are very pleased with how everything worked out. Thanks for everything!"
    Chris Thomas

"Rick, I would really like to thank you for giving me the chance, closing quickly, and for an all around excellent service. I will be on to look for the next deal."
     Dave Barry